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Pashmin Art Gallery presents from its exhibition series Pashmin Art Circulation the current exhibition in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing/China (MoCA): partnerships. It is an international group exhibition from which more than 30 artists from over seven countries form a part of a whole and present an interactive relationship between cultures. Their works offer a glimpse into contemporary, current art. With paintings in different techniques, drawings, graphics, calligraphies, collages, photographs, sculptures, cultural differences – or similarities – are reflected. In addition, the works reveal the individual perspectives of the individual artists from different cultural backgrounds. The exhibition “partnerships” aims specifically to create a connection between nations through art by uniting international artists’ positions and bringing them to an intercultural dialogue. The diversity of the exhibits of Western and Asian artists describes here the ability to maintain a clear position and at the same time to stand in a complex interplay. They are activities that have evolved, based on perception and experience. Partnerships is synonymous with tolerance and cohesion. The selected works testify to the sensitivity, subtlety and indulgence of the artists, but above all to the fundamental idea of the Pashmin Art Circulation exhibition series. In this exhibition, artists reveal their own perceptions of world events and leave a lasting and enduring impression. Their artworks make assertions about the world and compete with other strong perspectives about reality. Some conquer space or retreat nobly. Some want to be placed on a pedestal, while others require a dark environment to protect their surface from the light. Works prefer to appear in groups or as individual performers. Exhibits that only become coherent to the viewer with piano notes. No matter how, all selected works enter into relationships with each other and thus form a (new) whole. A partnership is, after all, a pendulum between reason and passion, emancipation and headwind, trust and anatomy. It is also an opportunity to make visible fine lines of international art development across borders. The project will be documented photographically and textually. The documentation will be published at the conclusion of the exhibition. The exhibition opens on April 26 at 4:00 pm at MoCA Museum Beijing. After an introduction, VIP guests can expect an exclusive evening with a piano concert by Russian pianist Nina Aristova, who will musically capture the works of the Werkstatt Atmani group of works. In parallel, some works of the exhibited artists will be shown at the international art fair Art Beijing from April 29 to May 02.

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