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Politics and society are inextricably linked. But it is often easy to first understand social changes through the means of artistic interpretations and thus to make all those involved aware of them. A legally regulated integration, for example of new cultures and traditions, is then more the responsibility of politics. Nevertheless, art has an indispensable part to play in mediating the possible path of social openings, for commonality and tolerance – especially in building bridges with the foreign. Of course, the arts, taken by themselves, can in no way bring about change through artistic decrees, but they can necessarily react appropriately to existing changes, comment on them. Art can create an awareness that our world is constantly changing, that other, unknown standards, rules of behavior and traditional differences can be just as serious and relevant as one’s own cultural environment. Artists should be engaged in this regard, and the more clearly they are able to do so, the greater and perhaps more surprisingly, a universally accepted canon of values, across all dividing boundaries, may unfold.

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