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About the Exhibition:

Art and commerce. Many artists view the combination of these two elements as a somewhat controversial mix, creating doubt and insecurity. Will it compromise my integrity? Perhaps it's because art cannot be created with profit in mind – it's a calling and an expression of inner perception. Artistic creation is often a complex process for the artist, who, on occasion, it creates inner turmoil, a battle of willpower, creativity, and stamina. The great artist succumbs to his creative demand – benefitting us all.

Yet, this apparent diurnal task becomes a celebratory endeavour when working hour after hour on your artistic inspiration. And there is the hope that acclaim awaits. Is there anything better than achieving self-knowledge? Like an epiphany that emanates from one's inner core and, thanks to talent and artistic resilience, comes to fruition. A work shaped by one's inner eye and creative perception. So, why not let other people see your work? People who might also enjoy visions and would be thrilled to enter into dialogue with you and discuss your creations.


If you are an artist with a lot of passion and great creative potential, the doors are open for you to participate in the Museum Project, but you must go through the free application process.

To receive your data, we will send you an upload link via email.

After we receive your data, it will be forwarded to the international jury of the museum exhibition. After a few days we will contact you with the results.

If you are accepted, the administrative department will make a contract between Pashmin Art, and you (artist) based on the report of the jury. The contract will be sent to you.

Depending on the project, we advise you to apply as soon as possible, as we can only consider a limited number of participants.

At our exhibitions, all works are also offered for sale.
Collectors and art lovers will have the opportunity to purchase your works.

As soon as you hand over your works to us, they are covered by insurance.

Of course, there will be a formal opening ceremony, and you are welcome to attend.

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Archive Art Museum Beijing, Museum Project, 2023

Play Video about HONG ART MUSEUM 2022, 50 YEARS OF SINO-EUROPEAN CULTURAL EXCHANGE Organizers: Pashmin Art & Hong Art


CREATIVITY MUST BE SEEN. Here's your chance. You can become part of our exhibitions.

Play Video about Wolfgang Rudischhauser, Consul General of Germany (in Chengdu) -Opening Speech, Hong Art Museum 2022

Wolfgang Rudischhauser, Generalkonsul von Deutschland in Chengdu, Eröffnungsrede, Hong Art Museum, 2022

Play Video about Hong Art Museum in Chongqing (the largest metropolis in the world), China

Hong Art Museum in Chongqing (the world’s largest metropolis), China, 2020

Play Video about CCTV Chongqing report Pashmin Art - Hong Art Museum opening 10 january 2020, Chongqing, China

CCTV Chongqing reports on Pashmin Art – Hong Art Museum Chongqing, 2020

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 Recognition of New Artistic Voices in Kunming, 2018.

Play Video about Pashmin Art Gallery Exhibition at the 5th Anniversary of the ROTHKO CENTRE

Exhibition of Pashmin Art Consortia on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of ROTHKO CENTRE, 2018

Play Video about Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing

Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing, 2015

This is exactly our declared purpose

... at the MUSEUM EXHIBITION PROJECT of Pashmin Art Consortia. In cooperation with various art museums and art centers around the world, we organize "Pashmin Art Circulation". These are exhibition projects in which artists from different countries take part. The friendly cultural exchange proves to be just as diverse and fruitful as the range of exhibits from the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, video art, installation, etc.

Artists' Testimonials

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Professor Dr. Wang Shaojun, China

Play Video about Hanne Laland

Hanne Laland, Sweden

Play Video about Hoffelner

Rainer Hoffelner, Germany

Play Video about Sophie Le Van Gong

Sophie Le Van Gong, France

Play Video about Robert Hoffmann

Robert Hoffmann, Germany

Play Video about Atmani Blok

Atmani Blok, Netherlands

Art is essential

Art is systematically significant because it inspires our imagination; the absolute prerequisite for developing innovative solutions for upcoming problems. Art overcomes barriers and penetrates deep into the hearts of our fellow human beings. The intention of “Pashmin Art Circulation” is to start the intellectual and artistic exchange between different cultures and to contribute to this cultural exchange in the future. The exhibition will show the influence art has on promoting friendships between cultures. To understand what foreign is, first and foremost, you should learn something about its cultural origin and perceive and accept the difference, and simultaneously discover similarities.





Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs

...and other media representing selected artists with their national and individual artistic languages. With their curiosity and their desire to make, the artists convey their own contribution to the dialogue. Each artist has his / her own original, individual artistic vocabulary and his / her own understanding. Along with others, his / her position on the world map is seen as a sign that we are together; a symbol of love and friendship that is reflected in culture. In this case, both cultures learn from each other and can find together.


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Hamburg | 汉堡 汉堡

Bad Tölz | 巴特特尔茨

Beijing | 北京

Shanghai | 上海

Chongqing | 重庆

Mark Rothko
Poetic Habitat-Art Exhibition in Shanghai
Mark Rothko
Museum MOCA, Beijing
Mark Rothko
Mark Rothko
Gallery in Hamburg
Mark Rothko
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Pashmin Art Consortia, founded by Nour Nouri in 1990, is an art company with different sections and activities including a gallery (Pashmin Art Gallery) with five branches (Hamburg, Bad Tölz, Shanghai, Beijing and Chongqing), a publishing company (Pashmin Art Publisher), a bilingual online art Magazine (Global Art Magazine), an art managament department (Pashmin Art Management), a website for emerging artists (Pashmin Art Emerging) and a series of itinerant grand exhibitions at contemporary art museums (Pashmin Art Circulation). It began its activities in the art market by exhibiting works by German artists and later expanded to include artists from various other countries.

Pashmin Art on YouTube

Get to know our international galleries and exhibitions on our Pashmin Art Youtube channel. We document our cross-cultural art projects and accompany our artists from the private studio to the big exhibition stage from Hamburg to Shanghai!