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Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing – vibrARTion 2015

Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing – vibrARTion 2015

Beijing, Hamburg and Guilin are far away from each other in terms of regional locations. However, they are all closely related to the development of the vibrARTion project.

Beijing is the world’s most populous city and has attracted numerous artists from home and abroad to work and live here. It has also established itself as a modern art center with many art fairs, museums and art centers. It is now a key city for the vibrARTion project to involve artists over the world in diversified ways of exchange and interaction. Hamburg, as one of the largest harbors in Europe hosted “vibrARTion Hamburg,” the first edition of the vibrARTion project launched in Hamburg during the 2012 Chinese Culture Year. Guilin, Known to the world with its unique natural beauty, is also an important city that triggered the exchange and collaboration of contemporary art of China and the West in the 1990’s with Yuzi Paradise International Sculpture Symposium.

The core objective of the vibrARTion project is to provide a support platform for artists, to encourage cross-cultural dialogues, and to present the world with a living and authentic profile of contemporary China. In this course, locality and multiculturalism is always a widely discussed topic.

While we live in one world, our world is colored not only by locality but by diversity and multiculturalism. There isn’t one paradigm, nor one taxonomy, nor one way of localizing and mutlticulturalizing people and cultures. It is important for us to look at different manifestations of locality and multiculturalism; by doing this, we are able to determine how the work is created, why, and by whom—thus asking essential questions: What is the purpose of this locality and multiculturalism exhibition? To whom is it addressed? What is the outcome of such an exhibition? Understanding locality and Multiculturalism in Contemporary world helps us build a better world for future generations.
About the museum:
The Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing (MoCA Beijing) is located at the Art Center Park in Songzhuang Town, Beijing. The Art Center Park encompasses nearly fifty acres of creativity and activity space bringing forth a natural, quiet, and peaceful environment. MoCA Beijing is committed to the exchange and promotion of contemporary art.

It was formed so as to develop the state of contemporary art in a systematic and extensive way focusing on academia, literature, and exhibitions to foster interaction and integration from multi perspectives and levels to cooperate with one another. Every year MoCA Beijing collaborates with other international museums and holds three to five exhibitions and a nomination show by independent curators. MoCA Beijing also organizes the collaboration of international artists and a platform for MoCA Beijing has hosted many international and domestic exhibitions. Past examples are “China’s Modern Painters Exhibition” (Beijing)”, “China’s Avant-Garde Painting Exhibition” (Hong Kong), and “Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition” (Berlin), etc.

Recent exhibitions and shows include “Contemporary Art Evolution”, “What is China”, “The Will of China”, “Chinese Expression”, “Undoing Shuimo”, “A New Ink Sprint”, “The Zero State”, “Forms of the Formless”, “Kinetic Art” and “Critical Connections” etc. Such performances are highly acclaimed by both domestic and international artists.

To become a hotbed and power station for contemporary art is a goal of MoCA Beijing. We will strive to further develop along this path of creativity and communication.