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Exhibition: From East to West, a Cultural Exhibition of International Artists in Kiev
Duration: 04 October – 18 October 2013
With art, as a common language, there is no need for interpreter: everyone can feel at home. Everything art needs is a wall, place and men so that they can see the works until art enlightens them. Kiev National Museum of Russian Art and Pashmin Art Gallery decided to organize a group exhibition where the works of international artists be shown in a Ukrainian space. This will help the multiculturalism grow easier in our minds.

You will encounter works of different walks of life, from social satire to works insinuating deep religious, philosophical thoughts. These artists are selected due to their being highly individual in their works. Through this special exhibition, Pashmin Art Gallery would like to extend and enrich the cultural exchange between Germany and Ukraine/ Hamburg and Kiev. It is up to art to avoid cultural prejudices and to create links between men from different nations.

The special exhibition shows international established artists. Their works have already been seen in different exhibitions around the world. They have never been exposed in such an exhibition. This group exhibition is very compelling and the viewer is to discover which features of human mind and nature are reflected in the works.
About the museum:
Kiev National Museum of Russian Art is one of the largest art museums in Ukraine. It was set up in Kiev in 1922 out of the nationalized private collections of the Tereshchenko family, dating back to the 1870s. Until 1934 it was known as the Kiev Picture Gallery. In the 1930s it acquired from the All-Ukrainian Historical Museum the works of Volodymyr Borovykovsky, Dmytro H. Levytsky, Ilia Repin, and Mykola Yaroshenko and collections of Mykola Ge’s and Mikhail Vrubel’s works. From the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (VUAN) and the Art Cabinet of Kiev University, it obtained collections of old Kievan Russian art. Known for decades as Kiev State Museum of Russian Art, in 2013 it was granted a national museum status and assumed its present name.

The collection is housed in a building built for Mykola Tereshchenko in 1880 by A. Gun and Vladimir Nikolaev, and extended in 1882 by V. Shreter and V. Nikolaev. Its interior decorations were done by F. Melner. The museum holds over 12,000 artefacts from medieval Kievan Russian icons to 20th-century modernist and socialist-realist art. The exhibits consist of icons dating back to the 13th century, paintings, sculptures, graphic art, porcelain, china, and artistic glass from the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum holds frequent exhibitions to popularize Russian art. It publishes special art catalogues for students.