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Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing – WORLDS MEET EACH OTHER – 2018

Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing – WORLDS MEET EACH OTHER – 2018

Pashmin Art Consortia presents the current exhibition from their exhibition series Pashmin Art Circulation in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing/China (MoCA):

Worlds Meet Each Other – Art, Cultures and Friendship in Contemporary World. It is an international group exhibition with 27 artists from 10 countries forming part of a whole and depicting an interactive relationship between cultures. Her works offer an insight into contemporary, current art. With paintings in different techniques, drawings, graphics, calligraphy, collages, photographs, Sculptures reflect cultural differences – or similarities.
The works also show the individual perspectives of the individual artists from the different cultures.

The exhibition opens on September 15 at 4:30 p.m. at the MoCA Museum Beijing. To
An exclusive evening awaits the VIP guests after an introduction.

Academic Advisor: Qin Feng
Curator: Nour Nouri
Co-curators: Doki Gao, Zahra Hasson MA. and dr Davood Khazaie
Vernissage opening: 4.30 p.m., September 15, 2018
Duration of the exhibition: September 15, 2018 – October 15, 2018
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing
Organizer: Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing; Pashmin Art Consortia, Hamburg